5 Essay Writing Tips For Beginners

Writing an essay is something that no student looks forward to doing. It can take a lot of brainpower and preparation to write a quality essay. Depending on what you are writing an essay for such as a college admission essay or school assignment, writing an essay can take a lot of work. While writing an essay is a huge project, some tips can help you write a good essay for your school. Here are 5 essay writing tips for beginners: 

Pick a Good Topic   

Sometimes you are assigned a topic for an essay, or you may have to come up with your topic. If you are given a certain topic, you should take the time to think about what kind of paper you want to write. Should it be a specific analysis or a general subject? If you do not have an assigned topic, you have to do a little more brainstorming. Ask yourself what should the topic be about? Once you figure out your topic, the next thing you have to do is do some research, then begin your writing process.

Prepare a Diagram or Outline of Your Ideas

You must organize your ideas to write a well-written essay. Creating a diagram can help you organize your paper. You start by writing your topic in the middle of a piece of paper. Then you draw 2-5 lines from the middle of the diagram and write down your main ideas and thoughts. Once you have a basic diagram, you can continue to write more ideas and thoughts for your essay. 

Create a Thesis Statement

After you have an outline or diagram, you have to come up with a thesis statement. Your thesis statement will tell the reader what the essay is about. Look at your outline and figure out what are the main ideas. A thesis statement has two parts. The first part talks about the topic and then the second talks about the point of the essay. Writing a thesis statement will help you write good essays.

Write the Body of the Essay

The body of an essay describes or explains your topic. Every main idea that you wrote in your diagram will become your body paragraphs. Each paragraph will have the same format and structure. Start by writing one of the main ideas in your introduction paragraph, then add more ideas in the body of the essay.

Write the Conclusion

Your essay should have a well-written conclusion. The conclusion will summarize all of the main points of your essay and provides a perspective on your topic. You should write at least 3-4 sentences for your conclusion, including your main points and thesis.

Writing an essay takes a lot of time, but these tips will help make the process easier and quicker. When you are organized and prepared to write an essay, you can write with clarity. You will be a great essay writer when you follow these 5 essay tips for beginners. 

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